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Lunchlink Preparation

"Are you hungry?"
"Well, come on then, let’s get a 3 course meal. No, it won’t be expensive - just 3.00. You won’t better that anywhere!”

At Lunchlink we have prided ourselves for nearly 20 years on offering just that - a really substantial meal for an incredibly low price. In fact we offer more, much more - as a meeting place for friends and acquaintances, a club whose membership is open to all, of whatever age or background. So we offer food, not just for the body, but for the soul as well.

How can the cost be so low when we also make substantial contributions to the everyday running costs of the church as well as funding the meals? This is possible mainly, because we pay no wages. All our staff are willing volunteers who see this as a way of passing on, in a very practical way, that love which God has shown them. It is a real privilege to be able to do this and incidentally see care and concern spread even further when we support local charities.

If you fancy sharing the fun and fellowship, why not join us. New volunteers are always welcome.

More information is available from Joan Jeffreys on 01229 885415 and Irene Jenkins on 01229 585380

Lunchlink people Lunchlink people Lunchlink people

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